YA’ GIRL IS FINALLY FREE FROM HELL A.K.A EXAM WEEK!!!! I hope I did well though. Anyways, one of my reading goal for 2019 is to read more diverse books and support POC authors. So, I got really happy when I saw the #YARC2019 on twitter because it’ll surely help me achieve my goal. There’s a lot of amazing 2019 Asian releases and I just want to read them all! I’m SO excited and /screaming/ they deserve all the love in this world y’all.

If you didn’t know Year of the Asian Reading Challenge is a challenge where you’ll read books by Asian authors, backlist or new. Also, it’s hosted by these lovely book bloggers:

Visit their blogs to find more relevant informations!

This blog post will serve as my tracker that I will update from time to time with the books I’ve read along with my review. Also, I’ve decided to aim for Indian Cobra which means reading 11-20 books!

So far, here are the books I’ve read:

  1. The Gilded Wolves by Roshani Chokshi

Let’s Talk!

Do you have any plans on participating in this challenge? Comment below with your recommended Asian reads!

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